SharePoint SPWeb object Bad Language

If you are running your C# code in different thread (e.g.: async EventReceivers or TimerJob), sometimes you may notice, that your SPWeb object is initialized in different language. You can use SPUtility.SetThreadCulture method to set CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture and CurrentThread.CurrentCulture. MarekCurrently working as SharePoint Developer combining both back-end & front-end development scenarios. Also enthusiastic about Office 365 … Read moreSharePoint SPWeb object Bad Language

SharePoint Foundation 2013 Developer Dashboard – MicrosoftAjax.js

Recently, I have set up Developer DashBoard in SharePoint Foundation 2013 via powershell like always. The strange problem was, when I opened the dashboard, there was only blank page staring at me. First resolution that I found was to enable and provision SharePoint “Usage and Health Data Collection Service Application”, but this was a dead-end. … Read moreSharePoint Foundation 2013 Developer Dashboard – MicrosoftAjax.js