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SharePoint Exception: The request uses too many resources

SharePoint Exception: The request uses too many resources can occur if too many commands are executed while calling ExecuteQueryAsync function. Resolution is to up default resource boundaries for SP WebApp. This script outputs informations about...


System.ServiceModel.ServiceActivationException SharePoint JSOM

Using SharePoint JSOM api i have encountered very strange exception. Call to clientContext.executeQueryAsync threw sometimes exception System.ServiceModel.ServiceActivationException and responded with status 500. In our case it was problem with available RAM on development server. Actually it...

UpdatePanel postback full page reload 0

UpdatePanel postback full page reload

On my journey from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2013 occured very strange problem. The project which I was migrating was using ASP UpdatePanels in combination with GridViews. The problem was that, if i clicked...